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The Export Process

We export vehicles on a regular basis to Southern Ireland, and while you may have many questions with regards to the exportation of a car, our sales executives are experienced in the transfer of vehicles and are available to advise you of the process.

Despite new changes to the legislation governing C02 emissions & VRT the process is extremely simple and you can drive away in your chosen vehicle on the same day. All of our cars have the exact C02 emissions and Date of First Registration on their registration document, so once you have this information it’s simply a matter of presenting these details at your local VRT office, along with any additional support documentation required, to confirm the amount payable.

Click the link into the VRT calculator and enter the details of your chosen vehicle, this will give you an indication of the import tax payable to Revenue Commissioners, or alternatively contact a member of our sales team and they will assist you with any queries you may have. We also provide a collection service from all bus, train stations and airports, and should you require overnight accommodation we will be happy to arrange this for you at a reduced rate.

CO2 Emissions Bands g CO2/km VRT Rates
A 0-120g 14% of OMSP
B 121-140g 16% of OMSP
C 141-155g 20% of OMSP
D 156-170g 24% of OMSP
E 171-190g 28% of OMSP
F 191-225g 32% of OMSP
G 226 and over 36% of OMSP
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